From A to Z


No plan available? Or just an inaccurate plan? No problem. Nio can measure a building with 3D-laserscanning in no time. We guide and carry out the entire project from A to Z.

  • Scan
  • Point cloud
  • Postprocessing
  • Viewer
  • 2D and / or 3D CAD
  • Animation

The advantages are manifold:

  • Fast measurement
  • Every detail is captured
  • Accurate regardless of the difficulty
  • Suitable for hard-to-reach places or unsafe locations
  • Cost saving
  • For both renovation and as-built

Measuring is knowing
3D-laserscanning from nio helps to measure every (re) building project. Accurate plans are essential for any construction, renovation or redevelopment project. But what to do when no plans are available? Or when the project to be (re) built at first sight can not be measured? With 3D-laserscanning, the engineering firm nio offers an accurate, cost and time-saving solution where every detail is accurately measured, regardless of the difficulty. Even in hard-to-reach places or unsafe locations.

What is 3D-laserscanning?
In 3D-laserscanning, a laser beam is projected at a speed of 1 million points per second, both 360 ° vertically and horizontally. With this technique, an exact copy of reality is made by the FARO Focus 3D-laserscanner. An average scan in black and white execution takes about 2.5 minutes. In color this is about 7 minutes. It goes without saying that a full scan of a complex structure consists of billions of measuring points. This way a so-called "point cloud" is created. At the same time, photos are taken by the device. On the basis of these photographs a viewer can be made which - at the request of the customer - can be converted into a 2D drawing and / or 3D CAD model.

Time and cost saving
3D-laserscans sometimes look a bit like science fiction, but it is reality and it offers many advantages. It is a cost-effective way to quickly make accurate plans: no time-consuming measurements, no useless movements and ... a maximum elimination of human error. You get to see the situation as it really is, so with possibly crooked walls or sagging roofs. 3D-laserscanning is therefore ideal for use in a renovation. Complex measurements or mapping of large sites are other common applications. But 3D-laserscanning is also invaluable when it comes to securing heritage.

Rich output
All scandata are automatically saved on an SD card and finally imported to the computer. Now the processing process begins: all scans are stored, the point clouds are hung with great precision and through a unique methodology. The customer thus has a whole range of options for further processing of the measurements. The 3D-point clouds can for example be processed in an online 360 ​​° viewer or an offline measurable viewer, 2D as-built layout or cross-sections, 3D models and renders or animations.

Thanks to extensive and years of expertise

nio positions itself as a reliable "one-stop-shopping" partner

Own surveyor
This means that you can contact nio for the measurement, the creation of as-built plans, the engineering, but also the project management and the follow-up of your project. We also have our own land surveyor, so you also save this cost.

Thanks to the extensive and many years of expertise in reverse engineering, the processing of point clouds and the use of proprietary technology and programming techniques, nio also offers its customers a very high level of accuracy. In contrast to other players on the market, nio also has no difficulty in processing a very large amount of point clouds and combining it into a single entity. In addition, the output and processing are also possible in all common CAD packages. In short, do you need 2D or 3D plans / information at the start of a project or need an as-built plan, renders or animations after a realization? Think of 3D scanning and nio: it is faster and more accurate than conventional surveys and it pays 100% back during your project.

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