Faro Edge ScanArm

3D scanning of complex shaped objects

Nio is investing in new scanning techniques to make your scanning jobs even more efficient. At nio you can go for 3D scanning of complex shaped objects. Nio specializes in processing the scan data into 3D models, detail drawings and measurement reports. In order to keep the quality and service at the top level, nio has also invested in a new scanner. After an extensive investigation and drawing up the necessary selection criteria, nio opted for the Faro Edge ScanArm HD. This scanner is the latest innovation in Faro's Scan Arm product line. The blue laser has a shorter wavelength, which provides better scan results with a higher resolution, because it can register smaller details of an object. The blue laser also provides 50% less speckle noise and higher measuring accuracy.

What are the advantages?

  • The scan time will be shorter, due to a larger range of the high definition scanner
  • In case of difficult to transport workpieces, our ScanArm is deployed in the move
  • Unique combination of both optical and tactile measurement options
  • A variety of materials can be scanned without pre-treatment, regardless of contract, gloss and complexity of the surfaces
  • The measurements are reliable, accurate and repeatable in the hundredths range

What can you do with it?

1. Scan your object

With our Faro ScanArm we can digitize your object and process the 3D point clouds in:

  • Online 360 ° viewabless
  • Offline measurable viewable
  • 2D as-built floor plans and sections
  • 3D models and renders

What can you do with it?

2. Reverse engineer your object

With our Faro ScanArm we can digitize your complex formed objects, through the combination of tactile probing and optical measuring. The 3D point clouds are processed in:

  • Open surface mesh models
  • Closed surface mesh models
  • Solid 3D CAD models
  • 3D printed parts
  • 2D production drawings
  • Optimized re-engineered geometry

What can you do with it?

3. Inspect your object

With our inspection software we can inspect your complex or difficult to move object by combining tactile probing and optical measuring. Typical results are:

  • Measurement reports including GD & T
  • CAD-2-Scan color comparisons
  • Statistical process control

Nio is convinced that the ScanArm is the most efficient answer to your needs regarding 3D digitization, reverse engineering and quality control.

More information about the scanning possibilities within nio? We are active in 3D laser scanning, post-processing of point clouds to drawings, surface mesh models and solid CAD models and measurement protocols.

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