9 reasons to choose nio as your scanning partner

  1. Accurate measurements
    Accurate plans are essential for any construction, renovation or redevelopment project. But what to do when no plans are available? Or when the project to be (re) built at first sight can not be measured? We assure you of correct and accurate information, tailor-made and precise.
  2. Cost-saving solution
    With 3D laser scanning and blue light scanning, we offer you a cost-saving solution where every detail is accurately measured, regardless of the difficulty. It is a cost-effective way to quickly make accurate plans.
  3. Time saving
    No time-consuming measurements, no useless movements. In just 6 minutes you have done a black and white scan, in 12 minutes a color scan.
  4. Various end products possible
    From 1 measurement you can obtain various end products: technical drawings, 3D visualisations, CAD model, plan, surface study ... We can supply you with the various file formats according to your wishes.
  5. Avoid failure costs
    Maximum elimination of human errors. You get to see the situation as it really is, so with possibly crooked walls or sagging roofs.
  6. Convenience: we come to you
    No hassle, but efficiency coupled with convenience. We come on the spot and do the job.
  7. For both large and small objects
    Small parts, works of art, machines or historic buildings or complete industrial sites.
  8. Ideal solution for complex and/or difficult to reach places or unsafe locations
    Capture complex and / or difficult to reach or unsafe locations in a safe and fast way
  9. Infinite application possibilities
    We create a customized interactive VR experience with video and/or 3D animation. View in real time using headphones and controllers.

In short, an inexhaustible source of opportunities where many of your problems are solved. From now on you have control over everything from your desk chair.

Contact us to meet your challenge.